Efficient business processing program
necessary for the voucher service providers
operated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW).

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This is a program that provides efficiency and transparency in work through management of recipients, class, cost, and sales by the MOHW voucher service providers.

Convenient Payment Management

Make automatic payments through depositing in a virtual account.

Electronic Voucher Payment Management

Compare and manage class schedules and electronic voucher payments.

Social Service Inspection Management

We provide various checklists needed for social service inspection management.

Quality Evaluation Management

Convenient feature for managing quality evaluation by the MOHW.

Efficient Schedule Management

Send monthly class schedules by text messages.

Text Message Management System

Send and view payment request and payment completion text messages.

Salary Paid In Various Conditions

Pay salaries in various conditions through class schedule management.

Customized Settlement Management

Payment, refund, class, and voucher payment per recipient can be checked for settlement monthly.

User-Centered Convenient Functions

Quicklyandeasilydisplays informationofmanager, therapist,andrecipient toreduce unnecessary risks and provides systematic services through efficient management.

Impeccable Schedule Management For Increased Work Efficiency

Quickly searches and assigns therapists with recipients for an optimized work system.

Real-Time Application Of Various Vouchers

Convenient use by easily applying the items and costs of social services based on the voucher status that constantly change.