A training and examination tool for cognitive disabilities,
with clinically proven gaming technology applied to enable use
by both general users and people with cognitive disabilities

Neuro-World does not
differentiate people
from people.

For everyone to enjoy their lives,
For everyone to be happy,
Neuro-World takes that one step further.

Neuro-World is a virtual reality game-type cognitive training software made by combining cognitive rehabilitation science with cutting-edge ICT technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and 3D gaming technology.

Researchers have been conducting studies on cognitive development for many years. Woorisoft partially applied this research and proprietarily developed the cognitive training software Neuro-World.

The actual know-how and expertise of therapists and researchers in the field have been applied in this program. The enhancement of attention and working memory has been published as a thesis.

Game-Based, Fun Game

The cognitive game ofNeuro-World is significantly helpful in improving cognition by recognizing ordinary conversations and living patterns that are easy to remember.

Customized Service Through User Analysis

We provide feedback on the games played for users to verify the effects of the training.

Enhancement Of Cognitive Abilities Through A Cognitive Training Game

The cognitive training game that develops cognitive areas that can be improved assists the enhancement of attention, visual perception, coordination ability, executive functions, visual motor skills, and memory, through repeated memory training.

Cognitive Training Game That Develops Cognitive Areas