Clinic Woori supports professional services
for children and adolescents struggling
with communicational or psychological distress.

With a mother's heart,
With a child's heart,
This is Woori's heart.

We work together with a mother's heart
for the happiness of our children.

Everyone is special, so we treat each
and every individual with special care.

Clinic Woori features play-centered education, where every program is customized for every child based on their interests.

Experts of different fields are gathered to prescribe one-on-one or group programs on peer relationships and enhancement of social skills considering the characteristics of each child.

By utilizing verified Neuro-World cognitive training software, the cognitive training game repeatedly trains the memory, which facilitates the enhancement of brain functions.

Recommended Programs

Clinic Woori Programs

Language Therapy By identifying the causes of language problems, we provide the most appropriate language model and language environment for subjects and aim to solve language problems and improve communication skills through a symptom-focused approach.

Art Therapy Psychological education that assists children in conveying their feelings and emotions through arts as a nonverbal communication method.

Play Therapy Psychological education led by a professional therapist who understands psychological problems and their backgrounds based on expertise in overall human development, providing children with the ability to solve problems on their own in stages.

Music Therapy Music education to soothe emotions through emotional expression and develop social/interpersonal skills by participating in various musical activities.

Learning Consultation An education program for reflecting on improper thoughts on socially unacceptable behaviors and cognitive defects, and encouraging subjects to solve their problems on their own.

Cognitive Education Enhances basic learning skills and learning behavior to assist in realizing the potential of a subject.