With Woorisoft's commitment for the last 10 years of developing medically proven cognitive rehabilitation software and providing social services with efforts to improve cognitive disorders such as developmental disability and dementia, we were awarded at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

We insist to take the single road.
We continue to try our best to create a happy environment
where technology and people live together.

We are proud that our work for the past 10 years
was dedicated to our families and ourselves.

Woorisoft, living together with the world.

Woorisoft is a hardware and software solution provider that offers cognitive ability analysis combined with ICT technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) game and personalized cognitive training methods and monitoring services.

Smart healthcare is a new kind of technology that combines medical and bio technologies with healthcare and digital technologies, in which, digital is the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution that includes AI and Internet of things (IoT). In line with this, Woorisoft researches and develops near the field to be reborn as a smart healthcare company.

Mission 1 Woorisoft dreams of a world where everyone can be happy. Based on infinite trust and belief, Woorisoft will not stay satisfied with the present and will not fear to experiment for something new in order to provide differentiated values and experiences for the happiness of all, which is our value of top priority. We will strive to make a better world tomorrow.

Mission 2 Woorisoft does not think there is a difference among people. We stay by their side to ensure that they are enjoying equal life, which is the most basic value. We aim to enhance their quality of life, assuring everyone to have an ordinary life every day.

I am Byeong il Kim, the CEO of Woorisoft.

Woorisoft is a healthcare service developer that analyzes the cognitive ability of individuals and offers personalized cognitive training methods using Neuro-World. Neuro-World is a software that combines ICT such as AI, game, and VR with the cognitive rehabilitation services that require professional knowledge and personal experience.

IT experts here at Woorisoft are developing systems for functional games data analysis, based on the registered and applied patents related to cognitive rehabilitation, the experts in the cognitive rehabilitation field at home and abroad, the and numerous research papers and theoretical background.

Unlike the existing quiz method used for cognitive tests at clinics and hospitals, NeuroWorld enables simultaneous cognitive rehabilitation training and assessment while letting the users play games according to various scenarios like online games.

This new training method can improve the problems of accessibility and participation, which are one of the biggest problems that the competitors are facing. The possibility of Neuro-World as an IT-based screening and testing tool for cognitive disorders was already recognized through clinical trials. With the establishment of a local joint venture with the TUF Group in Canada, Woorisoft hopes to alleviate the national and social problems caused by cognitive disorders by launching tools for the pre-screening of decline in cognitive abilities-such as developmental disability and dementia-through and by acquiring clinical verifications at home and abroad.

Thank you.
We coexist, Woorisoft.