History of Woori Soft

Woorisoft observes, researches, and develops near the field to grow as a company that makes advancements at every step. After having awarded the Industrial Technology Award of the Month in 2020, Woorisoft will become an endeavoring and devoted company.


Awarded the New Technology Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy.
Selected as Daegu Pre Star Company. Released the cognitive rehabilitation content Neuro-World VR 1.0.


2019. Awarded at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards (Neuro-World).
Started construction of the new building ™Cognitive Rehabilitation Hub Center."
Selected as the cover paper of the IEEE J-BHI May 2019 edition.
Started the development of Neuro-World XR.


Released the cognitive rehabilitation training content Neuro-World VR version 1.0.
Signed anMoU with P2P Bank in Japan.
Publication of a paper on cognitive evaluation prediction algorithmIEEE EMBC


Released AI-based cognitive improvement platform Neuro-World 3.0.
Selected and launched an international joint technology development project.
Conducted clinical trials on 50 stroke patients in the rehabilitation hospital.


Released AI-based cognitive improvement platformNeuro-World 2.0.
Conducted responsiveness assessment on the Neuro-World smart
device for 65 healthy elderly people.


Released AI-based cognitive improvement platform Neuro-World 1.0.
Conducted clinical trials on 20 developmental disability patients with
3rd grade intellectual disability.


Created a developmental disability database (DB) and developed a systemfor creating a cognitive domain DB.
Released Voucher Manager 3.0, a management system for social service organizations.
Launched the social service organization, Daegu Women & Family Foundation (DWFF).


Released Voucher Manager 1.0, a management system for social service organizations.
Patent registration for core business model and establishment of Woorisoft R&D Center.


Certified as Venture Company.


Released Woori Children's Development Clinic (Baby’s Mind) 1.0, an infant development cognitive training software.
Certified as a company providing social services for child development rehabilitation.
Registered a patent for the core businessmodel.


EstablishedWoorisoft, a company specialized in human care contents.