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Smart Urine Processor

Automatic urine processor developed for the disabled, elderly, and patients with disabilities

  • It includes various control technologies such as urine suction technology, safe storage and storage technology without contamination, urine analysis technology, quantitative measurement technology, and regular wearing technology for men.
  • Incorporates automatic processing technology using urinal-oriented suction function
  • Analyze the physiological effects of urine drainage in men and women to suggest sensor location and body contact
  • System to easily drain urine collected in automatic urine processor


· Urine auto detection and suction
· Ergonomic Design (Convenient Wear)
· Maintain patient dignity
· Clean hygiene management (prevention of secondary infection such as bedsores)
· Quality Improvement of Care (Mental, Physical, and Economic)
· Collection and Immediate Use of Patient Information


· Necessity of automatic urine processor for the elderly, disabled people, children, surgical patients
· Global issue of disposable diaper treatment is an urgent task
· It is a diaper replacement product that can handle male and female urine completely without infection.
· Collection of information through urination (testing diseases such as protein, hematuria, time, amount, color, etc.)
· Effective in preventing falls, reducing diaper usage, preventing infections, and nursing care