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Voucher Manager


Children at risk of behavioral behavior who meet any of the following
and are deemed to be in need of service assistance:

Only 9 types of children with disabilities (retarded, mental, kidney, heart, respiratory, liver, facial, ostomy and urinary tract, epilepsy) excluded from developmental rehabilitation services

– Children and adolescents who received a doctor’s certificate, opinion, clinical psychologist’s opinion, and youth counselor’s statement
– Children and adolescents recommended by the Director of the Mental Health Center(enclosed with a recommendation letter)
– Children recommended by school teachers, professional counselors, and health teachers under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Recommendation is recommended if the recommender is over the cut point after using one of the in-depth assessment tools for children and youth in the Mental Health Project Guide.)
– Children’s emotion development and healing support service, parent-child relationship promotion service, solution program for family relationship recovery ‘precious family, family who works’, Rehabilitation services for children with disabilities, language development support for children with audio-visual impairments, language development projects for children from multicultural family support centers, counseling support for Wee classes, duplicate support for parental psychological support services

Service contents

– Provides one service four times a month (50 minutes per meeting), depending on the condition and provides additional services according to the conditions